Bear Fruit Bar Fans

Featured Fan- Paul Smith

Between business trips in Europe, Paul Smith tries to get in a few hikes. Here he is hiking up Rinnkogel in Austria, enjoying the view south to the Alps. “For quick but sustaining energy on long hikes, I prefer a snack that doesn’t sit in my stomach like bars with lots of protein or fat. And snacks with more carbs, especially from fruit, are recommended for higher-elevation hikes where altitude sickness is an issue. These bars are a convenient hit of fruit and always in my pack.”

Featured Fan- Kim Chang

Annual Jack O'Lantern Contest Winner

After a few slices of pumpkin pie to get in the appropriate pumpkin-appreciating mood, we judged the Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. We enjoyed every entry, and appreciate people sending in their pictures. It certainly made for a very entertaining Halloween, and gave us a wonderful excuse to indulge ourselves with some pumpkin pie.

The winner of the contest is Kim Chang, with her artful rendition of nothing less than the Bear Bar logo! Congratulations Kim!

Featured Fan - Bethany Axtman

In May 2007, Bethany Axtman began her hike of the Continental Divide - a 5-month journey covering over 2,700 miles. Bear Fruit Bar is an official sponsor, providing a bag full of bars and our support!

Bethany writes: "Summer's nearly here so I've quit my job, done my best to liquidate my possessions, and bought a one-way ticket to a southern-most point. I'll be making my way north along the continental divide. Drop me a note or sign the guestbook - I'd love to hear from you!"

Featured Fan - Robert O'Hara

"This picture was taken on the Baillie River in Nunavut Territory, Canada -- part of the Canadian Arctic. Since discovering your organic Bear Fruit Bars we bring them with us each summer when we paddle a northern river. They make the perfect addition to any meal and great snacks during break time. Our crew of six this past summer enjoyed them very much. I'll take more with me to Baker Lake, Nunavut Canada this summer.

Thanks for making a great product for outdoor travelers!"

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Other Great Things People are Saying about Bear Fruit Bars

  • "Great service and great product. I live in the Northwest and am very active outdoors. I look for natural products that fit the way I live here. I have just recently discovered this company. A friend shared one with me on a local hike last week. I love the fact that it is all fruit with no preservatives or other garbage added. It also satisfies my sweet tooth. I ordered online and received my order almost the next day. Can’t go wrong!"
  • "Fabulous product. I was thrilled to discover it at SolFest 2006. The bars are all delicious."
  • "The bars taste great and are one of the few things that keep me going through an 8 hour work day. It’s nice to throw one in my bag and not worry about it getting bruised or smashed like fruit."
  • "I tried these at a food show, and they're delicious! Tastes like fruit, not oversweet, with that apple bite!"