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Blood Pressure

Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

This is one of those diseases that is considered as being a silent killer. High blood pressure, is an ailment that can have enormous and adverse effects on your body system without you even having an idea that you are suffering from it. The most common way that you can establish that you are suffering from high blood pressure is by taking measurements with a blood pressure measuring cuff, or by the use of an electronic sensor. You can also consult with your physician in the event that you feel that your body is not working in a normal way. Even though high blood pressure does not have any clear or visible symptoms, the disease can be very dangerous if it is not diagnosed and treated earlier. Nevertheless, even though not that physible, we have tried to come up with a list of some of the signs that can show whether you are developing high blood pressure. Let us look at some of them:



Even though it is commonly experienced by many people in different instances, dizziness has been found to be one of the most physible symptoms of high blood pressure. When one feels dizziness, it can be a sign of many other different ailments which can be difficult to establish what it is and in some severe cases, it can cause one to faint.



This can be another significant symptom of high blood pressure. Even though it is a challenge finding a single cause for this particular condition. For instance, if an individual is overweight, there is a high possibility that they are likely to experience breathlessness. But the moment that you start experiencing this, it is advisable that you consult your doctor because it might be a sign of you developing high blood pressure.


Even though this is a common occurrence among people, we all know that many individuals will develop some headaches when they experience some tension, when they are over anxious and even when they are suffering from a minor virus infection. But if your headaches become persistent and occur at regular intervals, it is about time that you seek medical attention from your doctor as this can be an indication that you might be developing high blood pressure.

Eyes turning red

This is another indication that you might be suffering from high blood pressure. If in any case, you are experiencing blurred vision, your eyes turn red, or they become blurred, and you are feeling constant severe headaches, then you might be developing high blood pressure and need to be checked by a professional.

Experiencing palpitations

high blood pressureIn some instances, even though many people do not realize it, some individuals will experience palpitations- this is a situation where one will hear or feel their heart beating very fast. When you start experiencing such feelings, know that you might be developing high blood pressure, and it is a time that you visit a doctor for further examination. In some instances, individuals have argued that they have noticed that their heart seems to miss a beat or their pulse seems to be irregular. Even though it has not been established as being a real symptom, if you experience such a feeling, it is advisable to seek medical assistance.